Saturday, May 18, 2013

Random assortment of pictures/commentary

People, moving is tough.  I mean, TOUGH.  But we are coming up on our one year anniversary of The Move, and it is getting easier.  One habit I've developed is noticing that we are having fun and then saying to myself, "Hey!  This is fun!"  And more specifically, I try to notice when we are having fun doing something that we are only doing BECAUSE we moved and saying, "Hey!  This is fun!  This is one of the reasons we moved!"  It doesn't take away the missing-our-friends-and-everything-we-left-behind.  But it helps me to realize that with all the missing, there is new wonderfulness that we are experiencing every day.
We went to a Detroit Tigers game with my parents.  We see our families ALOT more know, and the boys are getting to know and be so much more comfortable with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
We love our house and the weather has been soooo beautiful lately.  We eat outside almost every night.  Earlier this week, I surprised the boys with a rootbeer tasting on the deck, which made me feel like Mom Of The Year.

Speaking of Mom Of The Year . . . the boys are both very busy with sports right now.  Matthew is playing hockey -- which he has dreamed of for practically always.  He's amazing and scored 12 -- TWELVE -- goals at his last game.  Cameron is playing baseball and pitched today, which about gave me a heart attack but he did great!  And Matthew is anxiously awaiting the start of his baseball season.  We live just a short walk from a ballpark and every afternoon this week, Matthew has begged me to go there and practice.  Matthew is not one to do anything halfway, so when he goes to practice, he goes in full gear.  He can go for HOURS.  I had ten miles on my pedometer on Thursday just from playing with him.   You guys, I'm so tired.  And still, he wants to play.
But in between the "I'm so tired" thoughts I try to think, "This is awesome.  This is fun.  I'm at the ballpark, playing with my kid." 

Saturday, April 27, 2013


A friend of mine recently encouraged me to start blogging again and I was reminded of what a handy way this is to keep track of stories that I all too soon forget.  So, here goes.

The other day, Matthew was singing a song he learned at school.  "We are American, every DAY. Living the American, American WAY!"  he belted out.  Then he stopped and looked at me very seriously.  "I am American," he said.

"Yes," I agreed.  "You are."

"But not you," he said.  "I'm the only American in our family."

"What?" I replied.  "I'm American!  Matthew, our whole family is American!  We LIVE in America!"

"Uh, Mooommmm," Matthew said, "you're NOT black."

"Ohhhhhhhh, African American!  Matthew, you mean that I'm not African American."

"Oh.  Right," he said.  "I forgot that African part."